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Yule logs and king cakes at Epiphany

Paris is not only the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre and the Champs-Elysées. Another notable attraction, albeit of a different kind, is French gastronomy! With the coming of the festive season, the great Parisian chefs have drawn on their skill, experience and creativity to make outstanding Yule logs and king cakes. Enjoy them during your stay at the Cler Hotel.


Before the cake, the Yule log...

This is the star treat at the end of the year. The Yule log is traditionally eaten both on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, making either occasion an extra-special one with family or friends. We recommend two delicious Yule log creations crafted by two great Parisian pâtissiers.

Are you a stickler for tradition and authenticity? Then, you will love the Yule log offered by Lenôtre. This year, the chefs Guy Krenzer and Guy Melot have worked with a theme that has been adapted to the season; that of the forest. Their log is a gorgeous creation in which the appearance of wood has been replicated by a chocolate biscuit roulé, a crunchy praline of pine nuts and hazelnuts and a perfect chocolate brown sugar. Tree bark, pinecones and needles, all in chocolate, make the illusion utterly convincing.

Warm colours also dominate the tempting masterpiece by Yann Couvreur that he calls Chilling Christmas. There is something distinctly autumnal about this crispy cazette (roasted fresh hazelnuts) with chestnut biscuit and chestnut honey. Creamy caramel, chestnut mousse and broken candied chestnuts with a creamy heart… it’s irresistible. The brilliant finishing touch is the exquisitely rendered fox relaxing luxuriously on top; he’s chilling for Christmas.


... after the log, the king cake!

Do you want to ensure that 2020 begins as deliciously as 2019 ends? Here’s how… For Epiphany on January 5th, allow yourself the pleasure of an exceptional king cake.

The one crafted by Jeffrey Cagnes, the chef of Stohrer, is a culinary masterpiece. Rich with almond, it offers all the lost flavours of the traditional cake of kings. The frangipane has been enriched with blanched almond paste and a dash of amber rum. Its puff pastry is caramelised for an initial crunchy sensation in the mouth. You will find this delectable king cake in the Rue Montorgueil, at Stohrer, the oldest pâtisserie in Paris (dating from the 18th century). It’s just twenty minutes from the Cler Hotel via Metro line 8.

Want something a little more exotic? At the Grand Véfour, one of the capital’s historically significant restaurants (1785), the star chef Guy Martin has come up with a salted caramel frangipane with cashew nut cream. This fine establishment is located in the Galerie de Beaujolais of the Palais-Royal gardens.

You can also enjoy new flavours in the signature cake of Fauchon. François Daubinet has replaced puff pastry with a chocolate milk and fleur de sel bread. The chocolate frangipane is also flavoured with rum...

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